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Protect Your Boat with Bunk Slicks for Trailers

Protect Your Boat with Bunk Slicks for Trailers

For years, bunk carpeting has been the best product on the market for covering your bunk boards. Take our Forever Bunk Carpet, for example. It is such a high-quality product that we believe it is the only carpet you'll ever need to put on your boat trailer bunk boards. The carpet may even outlast your boat trailer!

However, a new product is skyrocketing as the best option for boat trailers: Bunk Slicks, also known as Bunk Slides.

Our Super Bunk Board Slides for boat trailers is the best on the market. But don’t just take our word for it — let’s discuss why ‘Cuda Bunk Slides are the best.

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    Bunk Slicks vs. Bunk Carpet

    While our bunk carpeting is the most durable product on the market, other bunk carpets are prone to ripping and fading when exposed to the sun. The threads of the carpet can also gather and hide sediment and gravel, which can damage your boat’s hull.

    Today, many boaters are shifting to using bunk slicks. Bunk slicks protect your boat’s hull better than bunk carpets. They also make loading and unloading your boat onto the trailer easier. Our Super Bunk Slicks are a great option, and they are incredibly easy to install.

    Other Brands of Bunk Slides for Boat Trailers

    Other manufacturers’ bunk slides are made of thin, brittle, hollowed-out plastic. They are easy to bend, crack, or break by hand. If you can break them by hand, imagine how they hold up against a boat!

    Most bunk slicks have weight ratings of only 4,000 pounds, which is less than many fiberglass boats. Therefore, other bunk slicks are simply not built for the task.

    Additionally, some bunk slide designs have small channels running down the length of the slide. These channels are meant to remove water and gravel. In reality, they are just traps for sediment, small rocks, and gravel to collect. As you trailer your boat, these trapped materials will scratch your boat's hull. 

    The channels also reduce the surface area that comes in contact with your boat. This creates hot spots that wear down extra fast and reduce the lifetime of the product.

    'Cuda Powersports Super Bunk Slides vs Others

    'Cuda Powersports are the Best Bunk Slides for Boat Trailers

    Our Super Bunk Slides are manufactured in the US from solid pieces of our proprietary composite material. They are thick, strong, and resistant to bending or breaking. They will never scratch your boat's hull or create hot spots, as they are completely non-abrasive. Coated in our EthylGlide80™ Compound, they are super slick, helping your boat glide smoothly. 

    They are compatible with aluminum, metal, fiberglass, and gel coat hulls, ensuring any boat remains scratch-free. 

    Rest assured, our Super Bunk Board Slides are built to last.

    Our Super Bunk Board Slides are available in black or white. They can accommodate 2-by-4 or 2-by-6 size bunk boards. The difference in quality and functionality is undeniable. Consider our bunk slides as a long-term investment in the protection and longevity of your boat — so you can spend more time making memories on the water!

    Get your ‘Cuda Super Bunk Slides today!

    ‘Cuda Powersports Super Bunk Slides for boat trailer bunk boards are truly the strongest, most reliable product available today. Switch to Super Bunk Slides today and see the difference for yourself!


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