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Doing our Part in the World…

‘Cuda Powersports believes in doing our part to preserve and protect the planet, especially the water in which we all enjoy.  Because of this we teamed with partners capable of recycling plastic bottles in order to manufacture our Premium Bunk Carpet.  ‘Cuda’s carpet products are made of Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (rPET) Polyester which typically began life as plastic bottles or even old, shredded fishing nets.  These products are cleaned, processed, melted down, and made into the raw polyester we use in so many of our products. This process is uncommon within our industry and distinguishes us from the majority of our competitors.  Using these recycled raw materials, in lieu of virgin polyester, also reduces our energy consumption by nearly 50%.  The amount of plastics in our oceans only continues to grow, but if everyone does their own part we can hopefully preserve the planet for our future loved ones to enjoy.

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