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The Advantages of Bunk Slicks for Boat Trailers

The Advantages of Bunk Slicks for Boat Trailers

When it comes to boat slides, commonly referred to as bunk slides or bunk slicks, several options are available on the market. At 'Cuda Powersports, we proudly offer the Forever Bunk Board Slide, a superior choice for boat trailer enthusiasts.


Why use Bunk Slicks (Bunk Slides) on your boat trailer? 

While our team at 'Cuda Powersports has developed the exceptional Forever Bunk Carpet — a meticulously crafted 36-ounce weight carpet built to withstand years of wear and tear without needing replacement — our Forever Bunk Slicks are a great alternative product.

While our bunk carpeting is designed for durability, other bunk carpet products may be prone to ripping and fading when exposed to the sun and accumulating sediment and gravel over time.

As a result, some boaters prefer using bunk slicks. Our bunk slicks offer excellent hull protection while loading and unloading your boat onto the trailer without carpeting.

What makes 'Cuda Powersports Bunk Slides Superior for boat trailers? 

While a couple of economical options are available, it is crucial to consider their quality and performance. In most cases, you get what you pay for!

Many of these products are constructed from thin, brittle, hollowed-out plastic material that is prone to breakage. They typically range from ¼ to 3/8 inch in thickness, making them easily manipulable and susceptible to damage by hand.

Moreover, these products lack the desired slickness. Some designs feature small channels intended to remove water and gravel, but in reality, they often trap sediment, small rocks, and gravel. As you trailer your boat, these trapped materials can potentially scratch and damage your boat's hull. Furthermore, the limited surface area of these products, coupled with their thin and flimsy nature, leads to hot spots and eventual failure.

Additionally, many of these products have weight ratings of only up to 4,000 pounds, which is insufficient for many fiberglass boats. Consequently, they are not adequately effective for most uses and are not built for the task.

In contrast, our Forever Bunk Board Slides undergo an additional polishing process, resulting in a completely non-abrasive surface. As a result, they offer exceptional slickness, enabling smooth gliding without any audible resistance. Manufactured as solid half-inch pieces, these bunk slides are thick, non-hollowed out, and resistant to bending or breaking by hand. They work effortlessly on aluminum, metal, fiberglass, and gel coat hulls, ensuring your boat remains scratch-free.

Our Forever Bunk Board Slides are available in black and white colors and can accommodate two-by-four or two-by-six size bunk boards. While these slides may be slightly more expensive than other products on the market, the difference in quality and functionality is undeniable.

Get your ‘Cuda Forever Bunk Slides today!


Forever Bunk Board Slicks

Our ‘Cuda Powersports Forever Bunk Slides for boat trailer bunk boards are truly the strongest, most reliable product available today. If you are interested in making the switch to bunk slides, this is the product for you!

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions. Our team at 'Cuda Powersports is dedicated to providing exceptional support and assistance. Contact us here.

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