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Different Types of Bunk Slides or Bunk Slicks for Boat Trailers

Different Types of Bunk Slides or Bunk Slicks for Boat Trailers

There are a ton of different types of boat trailer bunk slides or bunk slicks. But you’ll find that most options are cheap plastic products imported from overseas. They aren’t worth the money. 

That’s where our Super Slides for Boat Trailers are different. Our unique EthylGlide80™ compound sets us apart from other manufacturers, helping our products deliver superior performance, value, and resistance to boat hull abrasion.

Let’s compare some of the most popular products on the market.

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Our Bunk Slicks (Bunk Slides) for Boat Trailers

Our Super Bunk Slicks are a great alternative to bunk carpets. Designed to glide smoothly, withstand sun exposure, and repel sediment, they protect your hull while loading and unloading your boat.

What Should You Look For When Buying Bunk Slides for Boat Trailers?

Most bunk slides fall short on quality and performance.

For instance, most bunk slides are made of thin, flimsy, bendable plastic that can easily be broken by hand. Some products are as thin as 1/8 inch, which will not withstand the weight of fiberglass boats. 

Some popular designs have small channels to remove water and gravel. In reality, these channels trap sediment, small rocks, and gravel. As you trailer your boat, these trapped materials can scratch and damage your boat's hull.

Furthermore, some designs come with metal screws to secure your bunk slides. However, the screws are not recessed and could damage your boat's hull. The provided screws are also very short, meaning they don't provide very much staying power anyways.

Lastly, most cheap bunk board styles have minimal or no UV protection. Therefore, the cheap, thin plastic will become brittle and damaged after just one or two years of use.

Clearly, most bunk slides on the market are not built for the task.

Another product many people use is Starboard or Marine Board. This product has a texture that increases grip and reduces slips when wet. Yet, the purpose of bunk slicks is to easily slide your boat on and off your trailer without damaging the hull. Over time, the textured grip will completely remove the gel coat on the bottom of your boat. 

Therefore, you should never use Marine Board as an alternative to bunk slicks or slides.


What Makes ‘Cuda Powersports Bunk Slides The Best on the Market?

Our Super Slides are the best bunk slides on the market. Proudly made in the US from a 3/8” inch thick solid composite, they are sturdy and not easily bent or broken. 

Furthermore, our Super Bunk Slides are coated with our EthylGlide80™ composite. This proprietary composite helps the boat slide on and off your boat trailer. Also, it is slightly softer than fiberglass. That means any debris will scratch the slides instead of your boat. This will save your fiberglass and gel coat.

Our bunk slides are also thicker and heavier than other products. This directly translates to increased durability and staying power. With 'Cuda Powersports Super Bunk Slides for boat trailers, you can be confident in their superior performance and protection.

To attach your bunk slides, we recommend using #10 ½ inch long flathead Phillips screws. Be sure to countersink the screws so they don't risk touching your boat's hull. You can get these screws at any hardware store. 

Our Super Bunk Board Slides are available in black and white. They can accommodate 2-by-4 or 2-by-6 size bunk boards. While these slides may have a slightly higher price tag than other products on the market, the difference in quality and functionality is undeniable. You get what you pay for!

Get your ‘Cuda Super Bunk Slides today!

Our ‘Cuda Powersports Super Bunk Slides for boat trailer bunk boards are the strongest, most reliable product available. If you want to switch to bunk slides, this product is for you!

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