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Bunk Carpet Rolls

'Cuda's Premium Bunk Carpeting

Often Imitated / Never Duplicated

- Made of Recycled Ocean Plastic

- Highest Tensile Strength

- Offer Custom Sized Rolls For Your Specific Project Needs

- Industries Longest Warranty

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Boat Trailer Bunk Boards by Cuda Powersports

Boat Trailer Bunk Boards

Best Bunk Boards on the Market

- High Quality Marine Grade Wood. Includes Cuda Premium Carpet!

- Proprietary Composite Blend Forever Bunk Boards. Well Never Rot!

- Thick Proprietary Composite Bunk Super Slides. Zero Friction!

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Anchor & Rope Storage Bags 50L

Anchor & Rope Storage

- Capable of Holding Up to 100lbs (70L Bag)

- Vented to Allow Moisture to Escape and Prevent Mold/Mildew

- Keeps Your Boating Accessories Organized

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Anchor Kits

The Most Comprehensive Boat Anchor Kit


- 20lb Galvanized Box Anchor

- 100Ft of 3 Stranded Nylon Anchor Rope

- Anchor Bungee Cord (Expands 14Ft-48Ft)

- Heavy Duty Ventilated Anchor Storage Bag

- Blue Rope Strap (Elimating Knots/Tangled Ropes)

- Envy From Your Friends

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