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FOREVER Bunk Boards - 2"x6" Black (Pair)

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The Bunk Board That Never Needs Replacing!

*Pricing is for (1) Pair, or 2 Boards*

**Shipping Long & Heavy Bunk Boards is EXPENSIVE, but not to worry we now offer FREE SHIPPING on these items, along with free Ship Insurance to ensure your item arrives to you in good condition or we'll replace it.  Insured for up to $200 per package/tracking number.**

Overtime traditional bunker boards or trailer runners decay, rot and need replacing - UNTIL NOW!  'Cuda Powersports procured a proprietary composite blend that provides composite board with the same strength of wood but will last FOREVER!

Benefits of FOREVER Bunk Boards

  • Will Not Rot, Even in Saltwater
  • No Carpet Required
  • Much Easier Launching/Loading
  • 20% Denser than Wood / 75% Denser than Competitors
  • Won't Transport Zebra Mussels
  • Easy to Install
  • Won't Scratch Your Boat (Aluminum, Metal, Non-Painted Hulls, Pontoons)
  • 60" Spans Between Mounts (Competitors Only Span 40")
  • Resists Warping Unlike Competing Composites

Compare to Price of Purchasing Marine Grade Lumber, Premium Bunk Carpeting, and other Hardware.  FOREVER Bunks are slightly more expensive but will last FOREVER!

What If I have a Fiberglass, Gel-coat, or Painted Hull?

Add 'Cuda Powersports Super Bunk Slicks to your order.  We offer Bunk Slicks or Bunk Slides that have been polished to an ultra-high gloss finish and prevent scratching these types of hulls.  Our Super Slicks are available in Black or White and are available in 3" widths (2"x4" bunks) and 5" widths (2"x6" bunks).

What Differentiates Us From Competing Products?

  • FOREVER Bunks Use Resins/Epoxy/Fiberglass for Strength
  • Much Easier Boat Launches & Retrievals
  • Can Use on Spans of 60" Between Mounts
  • Will Not Decay in Saltwater
  • Same Dimensions as Traditional Lumber
  • 20% Denser than Wood
  • 5-Year Limited Replacement Warranty


Using FOREVER Bunk Boards and/or Super Slicks or Slides will result in much easier boat launches and retrievals.  ALWAYS KEEP BOAT SECURED TO TRAILER using a strap or chain to prevent boat from inadvertently sliding off trailer. Not responsible for boats sliding off trailer.  Installation hardware not included.

Pricing is for 1 Pair of Boards (2 in Total)

8Ft Boards are cut to 95" for Avoid High Shipping Fees at 96+inches


We require 2 business days to pull and cut your board to size and package.  Shipping will be 2-3 day FedEx shipping to most locations in the 48 States. Contact us for shipping to Canada.

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