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12" Wide PURPLE - Boat Trailer Bunk Carpet

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12" Wide PURPLE - 'Cuda Powersports Bunk Carpet

'Cuda's beautiful PURPLE bunk carpet comes in 36oz weight only (weight varies 32oz - 38oz due to latex application process). Our FOREVER line is our heavyweight at 36oz's, is the heaviest and most durable bunk runner carpeting on the market. This is the ultimate solution for those looking to never have to recover their bunk boards again. Our FOREVER carpet is 40% heavier than it's next closest competitor (Cuda's own 23oz PREMIUM line of bunk carpet).

Boat Trailer Bunk Carpet

  • Available Lengths 13Ft - 150Ft
  • Weight Available
    • FOREVER - 36oz (varies 32oz - 38oz due to latex application process)
  • Thickest Pile Height - 7-8.5MM
  • Proprietary Manufacturing Process - Resulting in the heaviest/strongest backing available 
  • Industries Longest Warranty
    • FOREVER (20-Year Replacement Warranty)
  • Superior UV Inhibitors 
  • ZERO Water Retention
  • Will Not Mold or Mildew
  • Recommend using Carpet Adhesive During Installation to Prolong Longevity and Prevent Carpet Stretching
  • Manufactured with Recycled Ocean Plastic and Fishing Nets, as available.
  • Please register warranty to ensure validity
Carpet Install Kit Pictured is NOT Included in Price of Bunk Carpet
Can be Found Here for Separate Purchase:
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A Portion of Proceeds are Donated to WOUNDED WARRIOR, 1st RESPONDERS, and the AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY.

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