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Wood - Marine Grade Boat Trailer Bunk Boards - 2"x4" (Pair)

Regular price $52.99

Stronger Marine Grade Bunk Boards

**Shipping Long & Heavy Bunk Boards is EXPENSIVE, but not to worry we now offer FREE SHIPPING on these items, along with free Ship Insurance to ensure your item arrives to you in good condition or we'll replace it.  Insured for up to $200 per package/tracking number.**

*Pricing is for (1) Pair, or 2 Boards*

Purchase marine grade bunk boards to prolong the life of your boat trailer bunk boards.  Don't buy cheaper, lower quality wood bunks and bunk carpeting from our numerous competitors - BUY QUALITY!

Benefits of Marine Grade Bunk Boards

  • Marine Grade Wood Resists Rot
  • Select Optional 1/4" Bunk Board Padding
    • Closed Cell to Resist Rotting
    • Provides Added Protection Loading/Unloading
    • Protects Boat Hull While Trailering
  • 'Cuda's Premium Bunk Carpet (Industry Favorite)
    • Competitors Use Lower Quality 12-16oz Carpet
  • More Dense, Heavier, and Overall Higher Quality
  • Just as Easy to Install as Your Original Boards
  • Resists Warping and Bending 

How Do I Order?

  • Measure Current Trailer Bunk Boards
  • Select the Needed Size
    • 2"x4" or 2"x6"
  • Select the Needed Length
    • Measure Length of Current Bunk Boards to Determine Lengths
    • It's "OK" to order bunks slightly shorter/longer than originals, as long as distance between trailer supports is reached
  • Select Optional 1/4" Close Cell Bunk Board Padding
  • Select Desired Carpet Color
    • PREMIUM Black Bunk Board Carpet
    • PREMIUM Gray Bunk Board Carpet

Pricing is for 1 Pair of Boards (2 in Total)

8Ft Boards are cut to 95" for Avoid High Shipping Fees at 96+inches


We require 2 business days to pull and cut your board to size and package.  Shipping will be 2-3 day shipping to most locations in the 48 States. These are custom cut to your desired 1-8Ft length. Insured for up to $200 per package/tracking number.

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