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What is the Best Bunk Carpet for Bunk Boards

What is the Best Bunk Carpet for Bunk Boards?

There are many bunk carpets on the market, but not all are made equal. Many boaters use certain products simply because they are readily available or have always been used, not because they are actually the best product for the job.

There is a wide range in quality, functionality, and construction of bunk carpets on the market. At ‘Cuda Powersports, we are passionate about educating people on the differences. So, keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons of different bunk carpet products.

Difference types of Bunk Carpeting

Marine carpet for bunk carpet

Marine Carpeting

The first generation of bunk carpeting was standard, rubber-backed marine carpeting. This carpeting was first used as boat flooring for bass boats and pontoon boats. It has been used for several decades and is always readily available for boaters and boat trailer builders. It is pretty rigid and seems like a logical choice.

However, there are a few downsides to using it.

First, this carpet was designed as a flooring product. Therefore, the rubber backing is constructed to provide cushion and comfort underfoot. It does not protect the bunk board underneath from water infiltration.

If you pour water on this carpet, it will seep through onto the board. Therefore, it actually prevents the bunk board from properly drying out and will cause your boards to rot prematurely.

Furthermore, this carpet typically only has a one-year warranty, which is not very long over your boat trailer’s lifetime.

Outdoor carpeting for bunk boards
Outdoor Carpeting

Another popular choice is outdoor carpeting. Again, this is an attractive choice because it is a readily available and cheap carpet.

However, since it is not designed for marine bunk carpeting, the construction quality is not suited for the job. The carpet is sewn in rows so there are gaps in the carpeting. When the carpeting is folded on these gaps, it tends to create seams that are vulnerable to breaking.

This carpet also typically only has a one-year warranty. Therefore, it does not provide the long-lasting protection your bunk boards need.

PET carpeting for bunk boards
PET Carpets

Another popular option is a PET carpet sold by big online retailers like Amazon. Unfortunately, most of this carpet is very thin and not durable. These options are low quality and not built to protect your bunk boards.

PET carpets often have a one to three-year warranty on the product. However, most warranties only cover color fade and not the carpet's integrity.

So, overall, this is a poor option.

Cuda Bunk Carpet vs Other Bunk Carpet Brands
‘Cuda Powersports Bunk Carpet

Cuda has two excellent bunk carpet options that are purposefully designed to protect your bunk boards from moisture for many years.

Our opinion might be biased, but it’s undeniable that you can see the difference in our products compared to our competitors.

Cuda' 23-Ounce Premium Bunk Carpet
Our 23-Ounce Premium Bunk Carpet

For comparison, our 23-ounce premium carpet has a significantly higher pile height than anything else on the market. It also uses our proprietary backing that adheres well to carpet adhesive and Bunk Boards. Therefore, it provides your trailer with superior cushion and protects your boat.

Our premium bunk carpet is available in black and charcoal gray and comes with a 10-year warranty.

Cuda' 36-Ounce Forever Bunk Carpet
Our 36-Ounce Forever Bunk Carpet

We are also very excited about our new product, our Forever Bunk Carpet. It is available in black, charcoal grey, and purple.

It is a 36-ounce carpet, which makes it the most rigid, strong, and durable bunk carpet on the market.

The pile height is a bit smaller than our premium bunk carpet. It also features our superior, proprietary backing that adheres to and protects your bunk boards like nothing else.

We are proud to offer a 20-year warranty on our Forever Bunk Carpet, as we don't think you'll ever need to replace this.

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