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'Cuda Powersports Installation Kit

What Type of Carpet Adhesive is Best to Use for Installing Bunk Carpet

Over years of loading and off-loading your boat, your bunk boards can take a real beating. It is common to see boat trailers with worn-out and torn bunk carpeting.

However, at ‘Cuda Powersports, we work hard to create a better system.

We are passionate about helping you get the best bunk carpet install possible so you can spend more time on the water and never have to replace your bunk carpet.

We recommend using a carpet adhesive and staples to install your bunk carpet — but what type of carpet adhesive is best to use when installing your bunk carpet? The carpet adhesive you use can make all the difference regarding durability.

'Cuda Powersports Bunk Carpet Install Kit

What comes in our bunk carpet install kit

Our boat bunk carpet install kit has everything you need to get a great bunk carpet install. The kit contains half-inch leg galvanized staples, a jar of Roberts 6700 outdoor carpet adhesive, and a notched trowel.

The trowel conveniently fits inside the container of carpet adhesive, so you don't have to get any of your tools messy. It comes with different notches for applying different amounts of adhesive. We recommend using either the 1/8 inch or the 3/16 inch sides to apply the right amount of adhesive.

Bunk Carpet Adhesive by 'Cuda Powersports

Why it’s important to use outdoor carpet adhesive

The outdoor carpet adhesive you use is so important because it can dictate the life of your bunk carpet.

Imagine, you have a couple thousand pound boat. The boat is repeatedly being dragged up on the boat trailer or pushed off during launch. That dragging action is going to put a lot of strain on the bunk carpet, all pinpointed along the edges of the bunk boards.

Think If you’ve ever looked at bunk carpet that needs to be replaced —  often it is breaking along those leading edges and back edges. That's because the carpet is getting pulled and causing the wood edges to poke through. This type of wear can cause your carpet to deteriorate very quickly and shorten its lifespan.

Alternatively, adhering your carpet to your Bunk Boards with a high-quality carpet adhesive like the outdoor carpet adhesive that comes in our kit keeps your carpet in place and helps prevent any premature wear or tearing of your carpet.

With the right carpet adhesive, you'll get quite a few more years out of your carpet. It is just one extra step that will pay off big time.

‘Cuda Powersports Bunk Carpet

Cuda has two excellent bunk carpet options that are purposefully designed to protect your bunk boards from moisture for many years. If you apply our premium bunk carpets with carpet adhesive, your bunk boards will be protected for years to come.

Our 23-ounce premium carpet is made with a proprietary backing that adheres well to carpet adhesive and Bunk Boards. It provides your trailer with superior cushion, protects your boat, and comes with a 10-year warranty.

Our new Forever Bunk Carpet is the most rigid, strong, and durable bunk carpet on the market. It also features our superior, proprietary backing that adheres to carpet adhesive and protects your bunk boards like nothing else. We are proud to offer a 20-year warranty on our Forever Bunk Carpet, as we don't think you'll ever need to replace this, especially if you apply it with our carpet adhesive kit!

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