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Marine Carpet Install Kit - Gallon Size

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GALLON Size - Marine Carpet Install Kit

'Cuda Powersports complete Boat Carpet Adhesive Install Kit Includes 1 Gallon of Roberts 6700 Outdoor Carpet Adhesive, (504) Galvanized T50 Type Staples, and a Notched Square Trowel for Applying Adhesive.  One Gallon of Marine Carpet Glue will cover 360-400sqft, or 340 linear feet of 2x4 bunk boards, or 208 linear feet of 2x6 boat trailer bunk carpet adhesive.  Carpet Install Kit can used to install carpet to Bass Boat Decking, Pontoon Decking, or Other Areas Typically Covered by Fabric.  

GALLON Sized Marine Carpet Install Kit Specifics

  • 1 GALLON of Carpet Adhesive
    • 360-400Sqft Coverage or up to 340 Linear Feet of Bunk Boards
    • See Glue Coverage Table in Picture Gallery
  • 1 Hour Working Time with Adhesive (1-2 Days Fully Cured)
  • (504) Galvanized T50 Type Staples
    • Similar Performance to More Expensive Stainless Steel Staples
    • 3/8" Crown / 1/2" Leg for Strong Hold to Decking/Bunk Board
    • Good for Both Fresh & Salt Water
  • (3) Sided Notched Trowel for Spreading Adhesive
    • 1/8", 3/16", and 1/4" Deep Notches
    • For Thinner or Thicker Applications
    • Easily Fits into Glue Container
  • Quart Kits Also Available for Smaller Projects
  • Kits Can be Used on Any of The Marine Carpet Products Sold by 'Cuda Powersports
  • See QR Code in Pictures for Installation Instructions

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A Portion of Proceeds are Donated to WOUNDED WARRIOR, 1st RESPONDERS, and the AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY.
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