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The Best Way to Wrap Bunk Boards with Trailer Bunk Carpet by Cuda Powersports

The Best Way to Wrap Bunk Boards with Trailer Bunk Carpet

There is a lot of advice out there on how to DIY wrap your bunk boards on your boat trailer. There are even some new DIY boat trailer bunk carpet kits on the market, but we don’t believe they are the right choice. In our opinion, these kits involve more steps and tools than necessary and leave you with an inferior end result.

At the end of the day, wrapping your bunk boards is a really simple task when done correctly. The process doesn’t require any special tools and can be done quite quickly.

Keep reading for our best tips on how to install bunk carpet on your boat trailer and watch our video showing the drawbacks of using templates and the correct way to wrap bunk boards without templates.

Never Cut Your Bunk Carpet

Cutting your bunk carpet while wrapping weakens the carpet.

Cutting your bunk carpet creates weak points in the material where it can rip. Once you run your multi-thousand-pound boat over the weak points, you’ll definitely experience tearing! So, you should never cut your carpet.

Instead, after you have the designated length, we recommend simply folding over your material. This ensures that the carpet stays strong and durable, even with frequent use.

Don’t Use Unnecessary Cutting Templates on Your Bunk Carpet

Never use a cutting template while wrapping bunk carpet

Bunk Carpet cutting templates are designed to help you wrap your bunk board in a specific way that might look neat to the unknowing eye. However, the existing DIY template designs on the market leave you with an inferior end result.

If you cut and fold your carpet according to the template, it leaves sharp wood corners uncovered. The uncovered corners can scrape or gouge your boat, so they’re no good!

Don’t Use Unnecessary Tools to Wrap Your Bunk Carpet

Don’t use unnecessary tools while wrapping your bunk carpet

Some DIY kits provide unnecessary tools like a razor knife, cutting template, marking device, and trowel. At ‘Cuda, we believe you simply need a staple gun and your hands.

Watch this instructional video to learn how we recommend wrapping and stapling your bunk carpet to your bunk boards. Our methods ensure that the entire bunk board is covered in at least one layer of protective carpet so they should last for years.

About ‘Cuda Quality Bunk Carpet

About bunk carpet from Cuda Powersports

'Cuda Powersports has developed the Highest Quality Bunk Carpet in the industry. Our 23 oz Premium Bunk Carpeting provides the ultimate protection for your bunk boards and comes with an unmatched 10-Year Replacement Warranty. Our carpet is made of recycled ocean plastic, has the highest tensile strength on the market, and is available in custom-sized rolls of various colors for your specific project needs.

Learn More About How to Use and Install ‘Cuda Bunk Carpet

At ‘Cuda, we want you to spend less time replacing the bunk carpet on your boat trailer and lift, and instead spend more time on the water with your family.

Our product is the most robust bunk carpet in the industry. When installed correctly, it should last you years!

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