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How to prepare your boat trailer for boating season

10 Ways to Prepare your Boat Trailer for Boating Season

Where does your boat spend most of its time?

In the water?

Or, on a trailer?

Most boats live most of their lives on a boat trailer.

As we get closer to boating season, it's always a good idea to not only prepare your boat but your boat trailer as well. 

10 Ways to Prepare your Boat Trailer for Boating Season

  1. Inspect the tires: Check the tire pressure and tread on your boat trailer tires. Make sure they are in good condition and properly inflated. This is something you should do before towing your boat anywhere. Make it a habit. 

  2. Check the Brakes: Make sure the brakes are working properly and that the brake fluid is at the correct level. Also, make sure your brakes are clean and you remove any debris build up. 

  3. Inspect the Lights: Check that all the lights on the trailer are working properly, including brake lights, turn signals, and tail lights. Again, do this before every tow.

  4. Check the Bearings: Make sure the bearings are properly lubricated and in good condition. Any rust or corrosion buildup will cause friction in contrast, it will reduce the efficiency of your brakes.

  5. Inspect the Hitch: Check that the hitch is securely attached to the vehicle and that the safety chains are in good condition.

  6. Check the Winch: Make sure the trailer winch is in good working condition and that the cable is not frayed or damaged.

  7. Inspect the Bunkers: Check the condition of the bunkers and make sure they are properly aligned. This includes inspecting the bunk carpet. If you're carpet is frayed or look damaged then you might need new bunk carpet.

  8. Check the Wiring: Make sure all the wiring on the trailer is in good condition and properly connected.

  9. Check the Rollers: If your boat sits on rollers then make sure the rollers are in good condition and properly aligned.

  10. Clean the Trailer: Clean the trailer thoroughly, including the boat guides, to ensure it is ready for the boating season. Always check for rust or corrosion to keep your trailer safe. 

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