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Cuda Powersports Boat Anchor Kit

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'Cuda Powersports is pleased to offer an anchoring solution for every application - Lakes, Rivers, Salt Water, Sand, Mud, Grass or Rock Bottoms .  NO CHAINS NEEDED!!

Cuda Powersports Ultimate Boat Anchor Kit

Kit Weighs 31lbs and comes with FREE 3-DAY UPS Shipping Included in the price!

  • 20lb Box Anchor - Hot Dipped Galvanized to Prevent Rusting
    • Made with Heavy 9 Gauge Steel to Ensure Longevity
    • Folds Up For Storage - other anchors take up so much room
  • 100Ft of 3-Stranded Nylon Rope (2,000lbs Breaking Strength)
  • 14-48Ft Stretchable Anchor Bungee Cord
    • Absorbs Passing Waves/Wakes
    • Eliminates Anchors Being Dislodged
  • Heavy Duty 70L Anchor Bag to Properly Store Kit
    • Protects Boat From Anchor Damage While Traveling
    • Can Hold 300Ft of Additional Rope
    • Holds up to 100lbs of Total Weight!!
    • Ventilated Bag to Prevent Moisture, Mildew, or Mold from Causing Rust, Decay and Premature Aging of Components
  • Thick Velcro Rope Strap
    • Eliminates Rope Knots While Stored
    • Keeps Anchor Rope/Bungee Organized
  • All Shackles are Stainless Steel to Prevent Rusting

Components Separately Sell for over $309.99, compare to our kit price.

Industries Longest Warranty - LIFETIME on Anchor

Please be sure to register warranty

A Portion of Proceeds are Donated to WOUNDED WARRIOR, 1st RESPONDERS, and the AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY.

Description of Use & Benefits

'Cuda Powersports is pleased to offer an anchoring solution for every application. Our 20lb hot dipped galvanized box anchor (SS Model Shown) with included 100Ft 3-stranded nylon anchor line (2,000lb breaking strength & 316SS thimble) and wave absorbing anchor bungee cord with 316SS shackles to keep your boat from drifting in sand, mud, grass or rock. Kit has been tested on boats up to 35' but confident it can be used on boats 40' in length depending on current. No chain is required, anchors scope is 2 to 1 (half the rope necessary compared to other anchors), sets very quickly, releases by pulling on anchor from directly above. A length of anchor chain CAN BE ADDED to the kit to increase holding strength or in unprotected waters to compensate for large swells and reduce line chaffing on bottom debris (this is ADVISED if using offshore in costal waters). If using chain, connect directly to anchor then attach anchor bungee and anchor line at the end of the chain. When ready to store fold up anchor and use the anchor line & bungee cord velcro strap to keep ropes from tangling and knotting while being stored. Everything easily fits into the 70L anchor & rope storage bag which can hold up to 100lbs of total anchor/rope weight. This bag is ventilated to allow moisture to escape and will protect your boat from anchor damage when traveling through rough and choppy water. Don't let your boat be damaged by not using an anchor storage bag.

'Cuda Powersports is a US family owned small business that prides itself on designing and selling premium products. Our family has used other anchoring kits in the past and have been disappointed with the results. We couldn't be happier to now be selling this product and we hope you enjoy it as much as our family. A portion of proceeds are donated every year to support our veterans, 1st responders, and those battling cancer.

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